What Is A PBN? Should You Use It?

So you are digging around a bit. Wanting to know more about PBNs because they are such a taboo subject in the SEO world. But it still fascinates you because of the fact that they are so powerful. Yet there are so many people saying that PBNs should not be used.

So what should you do?

Should you use them? Or just stay away from them and stick to results that are slow?

But before you decide all of that, you first want to know in detail about what exactly is a PBN.

Once you know that, then I think it will be easier for you to decide which way you want to go.

But this will be the beginning of a series of blog posts through which I will be guiding you on how you should setup, manage and use your PBNs in 2018.

So, let’s lay our foundation with this article.

What Exactly Is a PBN?

A PBN is short for Private Blog Network. It basically is a network of websites that are highly authoritative that are used to build links to your target website (the website you want to rank higher for your target keyword), aka, money website. This form of link building is solely done to rank higher in Google for your target keywords.

Below is the structure that every beginner PBN user follows to rank his/her websites. But you don’t have to follow that.


One very important detail you should notice here, is that none of the PBNs are linked to each other. The whole idea of creating a private blog network is to seem that these websites are unrelated and these are completely natural links. In Google’s eyes, you do not want it to look like someone is linking to their own website from a group of websites that they own.

That begs the question:

Are PBNs Against Google’s Guidelines?

Are PBNs Against Google’s Guidelines?


That’s the simple, and the only answer you will get from anyone on the internet.

And that is for a good reason.

Google does not want you to find out the exact way to rank your website for free.

Why would they do that?

When instead they can show you a way through which they can make over $40 billion from ad revenue. Yes, I am talking about Adwords.

That is the reason why it is so hard to rank your website in the organic results. Google wants people to be discouraged by that and so they start using Adwords.

But here at Marketing Courses, we are a tough bunch. We keep trying until we find something that works. And then keep it a secret within our community so that only us can take advantage of the things we have discovered.

It’s all about who discovers it first and makes the most of it.

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Soon I’ll have a video on how to use their platform.

Do PBNs Work?

Let me counter you with another question.

Do you think Google would frantically crack down on websites using PBNs if they didn’t work?

Probably not. They work and that is the reason why Google wants to scare every away from using them.

Just check out these headlines I pulled from September 2014:

checkout these headlines

Google was penalizing websites left and right. And huge advocates of PBNs who publicly said that they use them, were writing blog posts about how dangerous they are.

So the real question that we must be asking is:

Why Does it Work So Perfectly?

Why Does it Work So Perfectly?

The biggest reason is that links are one of the most important ranking factors.

Google’s Matt Cutts himself once said that links are one of the most important ranking factors out there. Even though there is a lot of spam, they are still one of the best ways of determining the quality of a website and ranking them based on that.

The reason why it is so effective is because a PBN is already considered as an authoritative website by Google’s algorithm.

And you won’t be receiving a backlink from some spammy website that was registered yesterday. You are receiving a link from a popular website.

How Do You Find Good Quality PBNs?

There are a couple of ways you can find them. But the easiest way is to just buy them from a trusted broker. I will get into that in a minute.

There are 2 methods of finding great PBNs:

  1. Auctions
  2. Expired Domains
  3. A Broker

Domain Auctions

Domain Auctions

Whenever someone forgets to renew their domain, they are given an additional 60 days grace period. During that time, the owner of the domain can renew the registration of their domain and keep it with them.

But if they do not renew the domain, that’s when it enters into the auction phase.

This is where people bid on those domains and the person bidding the highest amount buys it.

You will notice that this is probably the best method to find some of the best domains available out there. You might even grab them at a mind-blowing cheaper rate if you do proper research.

Expired Domains

Expired Domains

All of the domains that weren’t bought during the auction phase are then put into the expired domains section. Once they are here, these expired domains can then be registered by anyone who finds them.

It’s more like a first come first serve basis.

This means that as soon as you find a great domain, you should immediately register it before someone else grabs it.

And believe me that happens a lot.

Domains Broker

Domains Broker

This is my personal favorite. And as the name suggests, you will be buying your domains directly from a broker.

They do all the research and have already picked a huge amount of domains. All you have to do is tell them what niche and metrics (I will be going into this in the next article. So keep an eye out for that) you want and they will give you the best domain they have based on your requirements.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing PBNs from a broker is that they should always be a reliable resource.

There should never be a case where they hand you a bad PBN. If they do, then it is time to find a new broker/vendor.

The entire reason why we are using a broker/vendor in the first place is to not mess around with the research and the time-consuming process of finding a good PBN. And that is the reason why you are paying a higher price.

But if they do not do the proper research themselves, then you are basically wasting that extra money.

The best way to find a trusted PBN vendor is either through SEO marketplaces like Konker.io or just read in forums like Warrior Forum, BlackHatWorld, etc.

They usually have a section where people can sell services, and if you see a ton of people buying from someone, then they probably are a reliable resource.

But again, make sure that you have enough information about the vendor, like positive testimonials, repeat buyers, etc. before you decide that they are a trustworthy resource.


When you are diving deep into the SEO world, you should know that there are no strict rules about how you can rank your website. It all depends on how you can safeguard your website and as long as you do things in moderation, you will be alright.

The same thing applies to PBNs.

As long as you are taking appropriate precautions and using them the right way, there is no reason why you cannot rank your website on page 1. In fact, in the upcoming articles, you will see how easy it is rank your website with PBNs.

As long as you are following my PBN methods to the T, you will be alright.