Saving Failing Websites Since 2001

Hi, I’m Tim Schmidt, a Digital Marketer who has worked on over 1,000 websites over the last 17 years.

While I have my hands in a lot of projects internally and with partners, I’m most known for helping people identify what’s wrong with their websites.

Having a website is your piece of digital real estate. 

Just like when you show your home, you want the experience to be perfect when people land on your website.  If anything is less than optimal, the visitor can simply head back to the search engines and find another company that does exactly what you do!

For that reason, it’s important that #1, you generate traffic to your site.  I happen to be very good at doing that!  And #2, you want people to take action when they arrive at your website.  This can mean a lot of things, like buy your product, fill out a lead form, email you, or call your office.  Whatever your goal is with your traffic, I can help you achieve it.

As you can see, I’ve worked with a very diverse group of website owners.  This is just a small sample of companies I’ve worked with.

Companies I've worked With

Recent Website Rescues

Example Rescue #1:  Local Business Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

January 2016 client
This client was boarded in February of 2016. It had zero marketing, zero SEO done to it. With some basic work, it’s been healthy ever since.

Example Rescue #2:  Affiliate Marketing Rescue – Global Campaign.

Website Rescue Testimonial
This is an affiliate marketer I assisted in an endeavor starting in 2017.

Example Rescue #3:  National Retail Brand – (Read the Story below.)

Website Maintenance
This is a perfect example of why you need monthly maintenance. Read below to see how we rescued this website – TWICE.

This above rescue is a perfect example as to why you always need eyes on your organic traffic.  The client came to me in March of 2017 complaining of a serious lack of website traffic. 

After an initial consultation, some major website tweaking, and a few SEO methods deployed, the client rocketed up just in time for the busy Fall Sales Season.  However, traffic immediately dipped as the Holiday Season ended.  Seeing this, we immediately deployed a content-heavy strategy that capitalized on new search terms.

The Result?  More traffic than EVER – even in the slow season!

Most recently, this is an educational site in the health niche that was online for over 3 years!  Having made very little progress, and being very frustrated, I was hired to look under the hood and figure out a game plan to improve things.

In under 60 days, with a little tweaking, this site has tripled it’s traffic numbers from it’s worst days and is showing no signs of slowing down!

Health Website Transformation

Websites can lack production due to many factors.  Along with my team of experts, I’ve properly fixed more failing website than I care to remember.

  • Lack of Authority
  • Poor CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Missing Information (Meta, Keywords, Geo-targeted identifiers)