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Buy Guest Posts
Are you interested in a guest post service that helps you create a blog post and put them on high-quality sites? Ice Cold Marketing has been in the internet marketing industry for well over a decade and now offers guest blogging opportunities for website owners!

We deliver quality guest posts and offer blog commenting services as well. This ensures that you have an informative post that gets seen on your own blog and elsewhere online. In fact, you can improve your SEO efforts with referral traffic using your website’s domain authority and our link-building strategies!

Guest posting opportunities are now the top choice among site owners, and you can get more traffic and a high domain authority with more link juice than ever before. Let us help you build links and place your blogs on other websites. Contact us to get started today!

Our Growth Solutions

At Ice Cold Marketing, we deliver personalized campaigns and services for various clients. In fact, we provide unique content that can leverage the latest creative and analytical techniques to produce the best results.

While this is a new service, we’re here to help countless brands in many industries and sectors submit guest posts on authority sites to get their stories to the target audience at the best time.

Overall, we can boost your website ranking on search engines by focusing on analytics and the link-building process. Look no further if you want to get your high-quality content ranked higher on Google, social media sites, and everywhere else!

Why Choose Us for Guest Posting

Link-building helps you increase the quality and number of inbound links to your own site. Search engines call it recommendations, so when more people put external links on their sites that point to you, the search engines see you as trustworthy and authoritative.

The goal of a guest post is to be found on authority sites, and that requires appropriate link placements.

Overall, link-building increases your rank, drives web traffic to your site, and increases brand exposure. Every site owner wants this, and you can achieve that through each guest post.

If you have a guest blog, you can also let relevant sites produce content for you.

Guest post services like ours can help you get contextual links and focus your SEO strategies on things that work.

How does high-quality link-building boost website performance? When you build links across all the sites relating to your niche, you cast a wide net, getting more people who want your services. While you must focus on relevant websites, we can help you find sites that meet your needs. Here are a few reasons to choose our guest post services:

  • Boost Rankings – The modern world focuses on SEO more than anything else, and that means how many views your site gets and much more. We produce optimized content to boost your blogs in the search engine results and promote domain authority for your brand. Each amazing post can draw traffic to you!
  • Awesome Content – When focused on blog writing, content is crucial. We understand that creating a blog that entertains, engages, and informs the reader isn’t easy. While you could search for blogging tips online, it’s often easier to let us write your guest posts for you and post them to other sites. We make the entire process simplified!
  • High-quality Blogs – We know that the quality of the blog reflects on your brand image, so we take our time and produce high-quality work that links with others. You want to be a guest blogger on other websites and use your own style. Now, your guest posts can get higher SEO rankings, so you’re making money online effortlessly.
  • No Private Networks – We know which blog owners accept guest posts, and we’ve curated a list of credible options. These companies already have domain authority, so guest blogging on them ensures that you get decent traffic. We’ve done extensive research on what criteria must be met for accepting guest posts, so you don’t have to!
  • Relevant Links for Your Niche – We always go that extra mile to post links on real sites that are relevant to your niche. Therefore, you boost your SERP rankings more. Once the quality links are reciprocated by the other brands, your content is increased more. People can do further reading on your options, and you receive organic traffic!
  • High-authority Blogs – As part of the guest blog service, we let you quantify your results while putting guest posts on various authoritative websites. Getting those blogs out there solidifies your branding and gets you a positive response and more organic traffic. As your credibility soars, you maximize your profits!
  • Permanent and High-quality Backlinks – Our guest posting services ensure that each guest post link is permanent, so it never goes away. In fact, we take the target market further than your home page and into the other pages to boost conversions and ensure that you’re seen in the Google search results.
  • Deadline Guarantee – Whenever we set a deadline, we commit to producing a quality guest post within that time frame. Often, we try to beat the deadline and deliver results much earlier so that you can focus on marketing. We offer fast turnarounds, hard work, transparency, results, and reliability.
  • No Spam and Completely Safe – Our top priority is to keep your brand and you safe while boosting SEO rankings and inserting links. Therefore, we use the industry-standard guest posting guidelines to ensure that we don’t plagiarize or produce spam. Just give us your anchor text, and we can craft a great post!

How Our Service Works

Browse our marketing site to see our competitive prices and determine what guest posting option meets your needs best. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Package – We provide many guest post opportunities and packages to cater to many clients. Browse the options to determine which one is right for you. Plus, we offer customization options when you call for assistance.
  2. Provide Details – Send the anchor text and URL to include in your quality guest posts and whatever criteria you have for the content writer and submit. Guest post authors get to work quickly to do their thing.
  3. Get a White Label Report – Once the guest post is written by a guest author, we publish it and share the report for your review. Guest blogging is excellent for your business, and we make sure it looks like you wrote the content before posting it on real sites.


What’s Guest Posting? What Are the Benefits?

Guest blogging is when someone writes content for another company or person without revealing the actual author. The content is published under the company’s/client’s name.

When we receive your order, you’re paired with an expert writer in your industry. They handle the topic research and start crafting the content. Then, we send it to you for approval, and it’s published under your name.

With guest posting, you can:

  • Build natural and quality backlinks
  • Boost your referral traffic
  • Gain attention from new customers and bring in new audiences
  • Increase your brand exposure
  • Strengthen online authority
  • Network with other bloggers/webmasters
  • Grow a social media following
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Shorten your sales cycle

Can Publishing Guest Posts Help Your Business?

SEO focuses on creating content that’s engaging and relevant to rank high on search engines. If you don’t have the resources or time to do it yourself, we can help you craft high-quality guest posts. Overall, this improves your marketing efforts and ensures you’ve got the best content that’s relevant to the target audience.

What’s Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is by and is a number anywhere from one to 100. This predicts how well the website ranks in the search engine results. With a higher DA, your website should rank highly.

How Do You Know Where to Put the Guest Posts?

Ultimately, the decision on where to put your guest post is up to you. However, our experts keep track of the best guest posting sites to help you decide where it should go. Generally, we focus on strong DA scores and other factors, such as your competition, spam score, target audiences, keywords, and more.

What Information Do You Need to Place an Order?

To get started with a guest post, we must know what topic you want to cover and the keywords/phrases you wish to use. It’s also important to tell us how many posts you need and when they should be published. Once we get that information, our team goes to work!

What Keywords Are the Best for Your Brand?

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to this question. The best keywords depend on various factors, including the competition, target audience, and industry. Overall, we use keyword research to find the right options for you. Typically, that means using Google AdWords and similar services.

We can research keywords for you, or you may do so yourself. Once you’ve got a list, we craft the guest post based on them. If you don’t like that approach, your content writer naturally includes keywords that are relevant to the business.

Who Writes Your Content?

Our team of writers creates content for you. We also have writers with knowledge of various industries to get your guest post ready in the time frame allotted.

What If the Guest Post Links Don’t Work?

We focus on crafting a quality guest post that stands the test of time. However, if a link no longer works, please contact us so that we can update it for you (within three months of purchase).

Does Guest Posting Hurt Your SEO Strategy?

No, guest blogging doesn’t hurt your SEO efforts. In fact, it might help you improve your search engine optimization. When you work with our team of professional writers, you get a quality guest post that has relevant links and focuses on your brand.

We always use the standard guest post guidelines of the business. That means your company benefits from more traffic and higher rankings in the SERPs.

How Do You Receive the Order?

Once you place an order for a guest post, you get an email with more instructions. We get the required information, and our writers start working. When we publish the articles and link them to your pages, you receive a final report that confirms the URLs. Plus, we include delivery times on our packages.

How Long Does Google Take to Index the Guest Post?

Typically, Google indexes a new guest post within 48 hours, though this varies based on the crawl rate of the site and other factors. Generally, we ask that you give it a full month before you raise a concern with our team. If it’s been over a month, let us investigate the issue!

Why Don’t Links Show Up in the Google Search Strings?

There may be many reasons for the links not to show in Ahrefs or Google Search Console. The most common is that your guest post wasn’t crawled by Google yet. This is a simple matter to fix. Just wait until Google crawls the site again. After about two weeks, this should happen. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please contact us to investigate the matter further.

Do You Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Most people decide to try one high-quality guest post from us to see how the service works, and that’s completely fine. Once you realize how well we perform, you’re sure to order more. Typically, we provide discounts for bulk orders, so it’s worth it to buy multiple articles and blog posts at once. We can always space them out over a longer period.

Why Choose Ice Cold Marketing as Your Guest Post Service

Content marketing focuses on so many things, and our company has you covered. Whether you want to get a larger blogger outreach or are focused on brand awareness, our guest posting service can help you succeed.

It’s often difficult to find websites that accept guest posts about the same topic, but we can locate the best blogs out there. Let us get to work crafting content for you. Please contact us to get started today!