Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since 2002.  Over the years, I’ve spent time in some of the easiest and most difficult niches creating compelling content designed to help companies sell more products. Affiliate marketing is a passion of mine and I don’t ever see an era where I won’t be involved in affiliate marketing.

As a serial content creator, I’ve produced some of the most trafficked blogs, YouTube channels, and content networks in spaces like finance, health, beauty, home goods, dating, and vaping. Along with a tight knit group of other “super affiliates” I’m able to help push offers to new heights.

Super Affiliate Marketer
A sample month of a previous campaign.

If you are recruiting super affiliates in any space, I’m always looking to get behind ideas in innovative spaces.  Please reach out to me so we can discuss your opportunity and I’ll be glad to help you manage, evolve, and scale your affiliate program.  I’m also available for mentoring as an affiliate marketing coach.

If you are exploring the idea of getting into affiliate marketing, visit this page to learn affiliate marketing in a private setting.