Hi, I’m Tim Schmidt, a Digital Marketer who has worked on over 1,000 websites over the last 20 years.

Tim Schmidt
Tim Schmidt

In my extensive time online, I’ve seen several paradigm shifts to the way people can use the Internet to scale their business in any industry, but the one thing that has remained constant over this time frame is that I LOVE HELPING SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES GROW.

I’ve worked companies from solo practitioner start-ups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.  Being a small business owner myself, my clients benefit from the extensive testing and R & D that’s performed on my own internal projects, and in turn I take the data to amplify their online marketing efforts.

This is very key, because as a long time business owner, I know there is only one thing that matters:  ROI.

Most SEO companies don’t realize this simple fact.  For this reason, they try to lock their clients into long term contracts that will only benefit THEM.

As someone who has created, built, scaled, and sold companies, I know that having the ability to pivot is crucial.  I also understand that business climates, supply chains, and even leadership can change.  For this reason my agreements are month-to-month in nature and designed to give my clients an ROI.

About Tim Schmidt

While I’m a hyper social person, I’m not one to talk about myself.  I’d rather talk about how proud I am of my son, to be honest!

However, I would be selling myself short if I didn’t use this marketing content to it’s full advantage and share some moments I’m proud of.

Over the years I’ve been quoted in stories surrounding the President of the United States’ idea that search engines were suppressing his stories. (San Francisco Chronicle).  My extensive knowledge of how the web works has also led to me being asked to be an expert witness in court proceedings involving search history.

I’ve created several personal care products that have “gone viral” and received global media attention.  My marketing methods have turned several small business founders into multi-millionaires.  I worked with multiple brands in the electronic cigarette industry that I helped scale from humble beginnings (working in garages, even) to selling their companies to entities like Phillip Morris.

I’ve been a YouTube influencer, a multi-million dollar Amazon Seller, a speaker at Digital Marketing events, and when possible – an avid traveler.  But most importantly, I’ve done all of this while raising my son as a single father, never missing out on his events, games, and life – all thanks to the incredible super power the Internet gives me, and that’s the ability to work from anywhere.

Originally from the ice cold Midwest, I bring that hard working mindset to South Florida.  I call Weston home but travel the State often thanks to my son’s college soccer aspirations and a love of traveling.  In addition to traveling, my free time includes being a foodie, tequila collector, soccer nut, and occasional bogie golfer.

Okay, enough humble bragging – let’s chat, and you can tell me about your successes and failures, and I’ll let you know if I can help!

ROI Focused Digital Marketing

Just like when you show your home, you want the experience to be perfect when people land on your website.  If anything is less than optimal, the visitor can simply head back to the search engines and find another company that does exactly what you do!

For that reason, it’s important that #1, you generate traffic to your site.  I happen to be very good at doing that!  And #2, you want people to take action when they arrive at your website.  This can mean a lot of things, like buy your product, fill out a lead form, find good media stories, email you, or call your office.  Whatever your goal is with your traffic, I can help you achieve it.

As you can see, I’ve worked with a very diverse group of website owners.  This is just a small sample of companies I’ve worked with.

Websites can lack production due to many factors.  Along with my team of experts, I’ve properly fixed more failing website than I care to remember.

  • Lack of Authority
  • Poor CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Missing Information (Meta, Keywords, Geo-targeted identifiers)

Contact me today for a free website audit and consultation.