Local Marketing Vault Review

Local marketing vault equips marketing newbies and experienced veterans with amazing marketing skills. Through this, marketers can reach out to more clients and close deals. Local marketing vault works for local businesses and can use paid methods such as Google ads and Facebook. This article reviews the local marketing vault pros, cons and modules.
 Local marketing vault entails 30 different niches of funnels and many automation technology trainings for the funnels to work more effectively . Local marketing vault also allows for better ways to naturally communicate with business owners. You also get a lot of free valuables for them before meeting them. These “FREE VALUABLES” are amazing foot in the door methods that can help you build trust and an ongoing relationship to “open” the door to offer more paid services.

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Let me ask you a question?

Is it easier to sell a potential client on results that are going to take  2-3 MONTHS….. or 2-3 DAYS?

I think you know the answer and that is the simplicity of the Local Marketing Vault. You are able to provide clients leads in pre-built niches in as little as 2-3 days if now sooner depending on how fast you work!

So basically you are selling the client on a pre-made funnel… driving paid traffic to these proven funnels. This not only gets them instant results, but also sets you up to offer other services like SEO, website design, hosting, and whatever else you have to offer them!

Because now at this point you have proven yourself literally in a weeks time you can provide quality leads! Once they get the feeling of that you can sell them on anything!

Local marketing

Local marketing vault modules

Module 1: Introduction

This is the start area where you get to learn about getting assistance in your marketing. You also know where to put most of your focus in your marketing. It is in this first module where you learn and understand the vault and the content information in this stage is very important for the entire process.

In this first stage, you will learn the best ways to position yourself before talking to business owners. By learning to focus on what is important, you know the type of questions to ask clients. Using a platform like Facebook, you learn how to post questions properly on your platform. The questions should be targeted so that one of the Vault members can respond. You also need to have proper questions for clients that give you a high status very quickly with the clients you approach.

It is also in this first module where you learn that positioning yourself as a marketer helps your strategy a lot. Depending on your field, there are good attractive names that you can call yourself.  You should avoid obvious names since most clients will be interested to speak to a marketer only when they need the services or products they are selling. Brand yourself in a unique way. 

Most marketers will choose to call themselves ‘business growth consultants’ and this sounds better in many ways. In this vault module, you learn a well-rounded way of engaging with business owners. The vault improves your marketing skills although it offers no training on SEO.

When you begin a conversation with a prospect, focus on knowing whether this is a suitable client for what you want to offer. Ask questions about the prospect’s business to understand it better. As a marketer, you just can’t work with anyone and the business you choose to put effort in should be relevant to your strategy and business.

The Vault Provides Proven Stats & Results You Can Use To Speak To Potential Clients

Have questions that help you to understand how the prospect business contacts leads, about their close rate and more details. Ask questions concerning relevant factors including their marketing budget since that will tell you whether they are a worth prospect. This is the type of positioning that gives you control as the one pitching over your prospect. This is one of the Local Marketing Vault Modules that introduces you to a prospect and determines the other stages of marketing and closing a deal.

Module 2: Getting clients

This vault module has a scientific training approach and you can use the available checklist to ensure that you remain accountable each day of your training. The checklist is in form of a spreadsheet that you can use to create good business traits, such as prospecting.  This module will teach you how to collect numbers as one of the ways to get new clients. 

When carrying out marketing, people saying ‘no’ to your conversations, products or services is something very common. A ‘no’ is sometimes okay as it moves you to get more prospects and keep going other than having a prospect that tags you along with no clear answer for a long time.

Ultimately The More No’s You Get The Closer You Are To Getting A Yes!

You first approach a client and give them an advertising action plan. This is normally free and when they take it, it is up to them to use it as they want. Next, you move to the questions you set out to ask as you learnt in the first module. Come up with a good presentation that entails good suggestions for their business. The questions help you to understand the prospect’s business so that you have a presentation that is targeted at that particular prospect and not just a general presentation. In understanding the business of the prospect, identify some of the needs the business might have. As you offer suggestions, have suggestions that offer solutions to the prospect’s problems. That is a smart way of getting the attention of your prospect. The second vault module basically guides you on how to pitch well enough to get the prospect interested.

Module 3: Local marketing vault mindset

What is the vault method and why is it important? This method is more like a game of numbers where you achieve success by being consistent, persistent and patient. According to the opinion of one Jason McKim, local marketing vault success comes from not having a lot of options.  According to Jason, a good marketer has a target and goes for it.  If in your target you happen to have an alternative solution to attaining clients and success, your approach could be wrong.

NO JOB Is Going To Give You That Kind Of Raise! PERIOD!

You may be thinking that having a back up plan is a good idea. However, in marketing, it is advisable to strive with your strategy and achieve good marketing success. This module guides you to work with a target of just 5 clients every year. Think of five clients that will pay you $1,000 monthly, making $60,000 in one year. This is a good amount and in any capacity, it is an achievable target. Of course, this does not mean that you can not target more than five clients yearly. The idea is that five clients each year, is an achievable goal and a smart strategy. As you target more, lay out a winning strategy that pushes you to at least five clients. Targets are more achievable than a big random number that will have your focus all over.

Module 4: Learn about marketing strategy

Learn about marketing strategy

Marketing is mainly about getting clients and this is the aim of every marketing strategy. Having a strategy, however, helps you to be a better marketer and focus on the needs of clients. According to the Local marketing vault module, you should market with the aim of solving the problems of your clients. Begin by offering the clients services that cost less and have low risk factors. Progress slowly with the client and later offer better and more enticing offers. You need time to built trust and confidence with your client for them to trust you with bigger projects.

You Ultimately Want To Be The One Stop Shop For Your Client! You Handle It All!

 This vault concept is known as Value Ladder.  The value ladder module does not only entail giving free advertising action plans to prospects, but also other incentives. If you are marketing sanitation products for instance, have free samples for the prospect and leave them with the products to try out. From the free samples, upgrade to other products and packages once there is a better relationship with your possible client. Like any other type of relationships, business relationships take time and effort to build. The value ladder process actually seems simple to actualize for many marketers.

This Video Really Breaks Down What The Local Marketing Vault Is

Module 5: Understanding vault services

 The Local marketing vault process may sound complex. However, it is an easy way of helping small businesses grow.  Small businesses can focus their marketing strategies to ensuring that their services are well categorized for clients to understand them better. To understand vault services, let us review three main categories that you can use to build your small business. The categories are ‘brand’, ‘customers now’, customers later’. Your brand is what people see, say and hear about your business. Most of the view about your business or brand can be found online and reviews come in here. There are reviews, websites and social media.

Leading With The Customer Now Process Is Always A Game Changer For Local Businesses

‘Customers now’ are leads you can follow through and reach easily. You can use lead generation services like paid ads to quickly reach such customers. ‘Customers later’ can be reached through SEO and other services. This strategy is what makes the vault process unique and using it well leads to successful prospects and clients. You also get training on how to optimize Maps Listing or Google My Business. This kind of optimization is the result you see from searching a local business on Google. This optimization is important for a small business as it gives you views and attention to grow.

Video marketing is also another factor in Local Marketing Vault strategy. Video marketing is a good way to market your brand and have it out there. You can also use videos on social media to grow your brand and platform. Videos are more attractive online than other content and they may help to even get clients.

You can post good videos to your prospect’s Facebook page and boost it to get viewers. Create a good video that prompts your prospect to take action. Focus on the issues the client needs to handle and finalize with a call to action. You may include some questions in your video and avoid making it very long. Go straight to the point in a captivating manner. A good video will prompt your prospect to get in touch with you.

In this vault module, you can make use of Dashclicks to create various reports. You can also use Dashclicks to outsource content for SEO or social media. The aim of this model is to guide you in your marketing strategy and push you to getting results.

Module 6: Learn sales strategy

Making sales is the end target of each marketing strategy. Closing deals is your target as you market your small business. This Local marketing vault module guides you in having a good sales strategy.

Earlier in the vault process, we have learnt that it is important to understand the prospect and the things they care about. Most clients are hardly concerned about SEO and landing pages. They want to know how what you are offering will improve their business and get them more clients. They want to know how your offer makes work better for them. When you focus on such conversations, you begin to indulge in their knowledge and they will give you their time and attention. This is one main way of having a good sales strategy. Ask more ‘yes’ questions to motivate your prospect to see the need for what you are offering. You can also engage the prospect during the presentation by asking their opinion on a factor that you have raised.

This module also teaches that a good sales strategy meeting should not end without you scheduling for the next meeting. The module uses the ‘six circle close’ to guide you on a sales process. Six circle close is using a slideshow presentation to sell your services. In the presentation, add visual content to make the slideshow more appealing. Follow the three categories in the previous model to prepare your slideshow. The categories are brand, customers now, and customers later. Such a focus is more strategic than a random one.

Ultimately The Amount Of The Work Is The Same For Most Clients So You Can Have Wiggle Room In Your Pricing

Pricing is a concern for many businesses, especially small and new ones. We mainly price our products or services in packages and bulk products get a discount. How about when your prospect does not need the bulk services or products? This vault module teaches a downsell with techniques as a trial offering or wavering the set up fee for the client. These techniques may also be viewed as incentives. You can also consider giving one main services such as reputation management that helps businesses to get more good reviews while avoiding the bad ones.

This module also teaches you on how to be ready when it is time to get paid for services. The client may opt to purchase your services or have you teach their staff on how to carry out the services you offer. In training staff, you charge as a consultant and this can actually be a god way to boost your small business to a consulting company too. The main focus is to make sales and close deals.

Module 7: Building your agency

Having learnt some important processes for marketing and closing deals, there is more motivation to start our own business and market. You can start small and build a big corporate from scratch. Start by laying out your plan simply as a sole proprietor and before you know it, you will be far ahead. Note down your investment and break it down in achievable goals.

After planning the investment and having a clear picture of what you want to do, name your agency. Normally, for a small business, you can start and become operational without the need for a lot of tools and equipment. For marketing agencies for instance, the cost of starting is fairly low. Prepare a budget that saves you from spending so much on tools at the beginning.

Before You Start Spending Money On Tools Etc… Get Your First Client As Taught In The First Few Modules! They Pay For Your Tools!

As you start your agency, you need to learn how to price your services and this vault module teaches you how to have a good pricing plan. The module advices having business accounting tips and intake forms while starting your agency as this makes you feel confident and professional. It also gets you into a business mood.

Plan to attract clients for your agency through email marketing and social media. A business intake checklist that is well prepared helps you to have all your business information on one platform and you can present your idea to the clients without going over many sources for content. The checklist helps you to be organized and read even as a small agency. The main idea of this module is to help you in being confident since clients need to be certain that they are entrusting a professional person with their best interests.

Module 8: The ‘done for you’ value ladder

Earlier in the article, we have discussed the value ladder and in this model, we discuss it further. This is meant to show you clearly where to begin as you prospect. You also get to understand how to identify the people or businesses that need your help as those are your most suitable prospects.

The concept is about offering incentives in form of a free advertising action plan as this motivates business owners to want to engage you more. From offering free action plan, you offer low-risk and lo-cost services or products and continue to advance the services with time. When starting out with a new client, you can start with free and then low-cost. However, have a target that the client should have spent nearly $1,000 each month on your business.

Build Trust, Get Results, Sell The Value Ladder

 In this value ladder module, therefore, you learn how to give a free ‘brand reputation report’.  This entails all the reviews that a business has so far received on Facebook, Google and other sites. If the business has bad reviews on any platform, this is where you focus your selling point. You focus on the good reviews and offer to ensure that their ratings status and reputation is protected. This is a good way to get to your future client.

Module 9: Learn all about funnels

Learn all about funnels

Local marketing vault trains you on everything you need to know about funnels. Through this training, your small business can grow and thrive.

There are various funnels in every local industry and you need to learn how to access them. It is possible to access pre-made funnels with only one click and you can also learn how to create custom made funnels for your business.

In this vault module, you will also learn how to choose a domain name for your funnel and have it built with Click Funnels. You also learn how to build business forms with the help of Wufoo as they are more preferred than forms created on Click Funnels.

Additionally, you also learn how to instantly clone the vault funnels to avoid having to come up with any customization from scratch. Learning this helps you save a lot of time in the vault process since time in marketing is very crucial.

If your strategy entails carrying out a white label campaign, this vault module teaches you how to create good logos on a platform known as ‘Canva’. The platform is also good for making infographics content for social media. You also learn how to use the ‘Call Fire’ tool. This is a leading tool in marketing and it helps you to record and forward phone calls and texts too.

Module 10: Funnel automation

Automation is mostly associated with vehicles and complex technology. In Local Marketing vault, automation is about issues like sending memo to clients informing them about new services. This module guides you on platforms and tools that automate some of the services to boost your business.

A tool such as ‘auto responder’ is positioned in your email to represent you to a client. It can send a welcome email or other emails as scheduled. This helps when you are not able to respond to a client immediately so you schedule the email to automatically respond as prompted.

Most Clients Stink At Following Up With Leads So It Is Crucial You Show Them How To Be The Hero

It is also in this module where you learn how to create automatic lead spreadsheets. These ones help you in your questionnaires and presentation. The more automated your platform is, the faster and easier your marketing online becomes. For vault marketing, ‘Zapier’ is one of the automation platforms. This platform is easy to use even for new personnel and it works with very many tools.  For your small business, Zapier is the most ideal automation tool. 

Module 11: Learn about the vault software

The software used in the vault process runs on two main tools. The first tool is the automated follow-up tool that was built by vault. This tool takes the prospects that come from contact forms and contacts them. The tool is able to reach out to the contacts until they send a response. There is a list of contacts reached out to and once a contact responds, it is removed from the lists. This is a good way of reaching out to possible clients and as many as possible in case some turn you down.

You can change the number of times this tool is supposed to reach out to a prospect. This depends on the ad campaign. In the first day, the system sends an email or text message and this is followed up with voicemails.

If You Are Not Getting Back To A Lead In The First 15 Minutes Your Chances Of Conversion Go Wayyyyy Down!

The second tool is important in automating the process of getting reviews. The tool also automates the process of sending an alert out when a bad review is published. The aim is to fix the issue on the review and avoid showing it. With online platforms and online marketing, reviews are very important. More often than not, people will read comments or reviews to know about a business or brand.  Reports show that more than 85% of people decide whether or not to engage a seller or buy something based on reviews and comments . The vault process software has automated follow-up software known as ‘Howde’ and it is available for use by all for a better local marketing vault experience.

Module 12: Facebook Messenger Chat Bots

For small businesses, Chat bots are like lists such as email lists for prospects. You should note that Facebook Messenger has an open rate of at least 95% and the platform also allows you to send automated and customized messages. This happens when anyone visits your Facebook page.

You can chat with customers directly on your platform or have a person, maybe a social media manager, to focus on checking messages, responding and so on. This module advises on how to add a Chabot to a Facebook ad and this helps to trigger a particular sequence when a viewer clicks the Messenger button inside the ad.

The Bot Can Do The Work For You!

Local marketing vault pro's
• One of the Local marketing vault pro’s is that Facebook is great tool for getting help. Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world and for any business, Facebook is easy to use and impactful. Local marketing vault teaches on how to use Facebook groups for growth and that’s easy.
• Ads work as soon as they are published and using business manager, you can view the progress of your ads. This gives you insights on how to improve your strategy for better results.
• There are many businesses, especially online, and that is one of the local marketing vault pros. With the vault process, you learn the various ways you can serve your customers and services you can offer them. These can be short term and also long term.
• There are many big corporations that need help with online ads. This means that there is demand for ads content.
Local marketing vault con's
• One of the main local marketing vault con’s is that it offers no training about SEO. SEO remains a leading factor in marketing and for this reason, amateur marketers will find it hard to tackle marketing completely with the vault training.
• Clients are able to view every step you take through your ads. They can easily use this to conclude about your business and services.
• Another local marketing vault con is that it is not obviously easy to scale and maintain ads online. They require a good budget and proper use of business manager and other Google features.
• Running and scaling ads is not a guarantee of passive income because ad campaigns need to be keenly monitored all the time.