The Purpose of Article Spinning

The Purpose of Article Spinning

If you are new to SEO or Internet Marketing and figuring out the game of content, you may hear terms like “article spinning,” or even in the past tense “spun content.” I’m here to tell you today that the purpose of article spinning is to create content that search engines can read and pick up in a black hat SEO campaign.  You should avoid article spinning as when you post spun content on your website you can dig yourself a big hole in terms of ranking in the most important search engines.

Spun content did have a place in SEO many moons ago, and noobs and confused marketers continue to look for it, so today I’ll set the record straight and share my stance on this somewhat debated topic.

How do You Spin Content for SEO?

Before I tackle that question, let’s talk about why you would spin content for SEO.

The answer is for simplicity.

As marketers would be in a race to put out content, either to post on their own website to cover a topic or on a site that would link back to them, writing articles manually can be time consuming if done alone, and expensive if outsourced.  For these reasons, some very wise marketers put together tools we called “content spinners” that would totally automate content creation.  It would work very slick, with the user simply taking an article that already does well in search engines and using that as a hub of sort, then allowing the spinner to do it’s magic.  When finished, the end result would be a brand new article (or multiple of articles) that could be used to your heart’s desire.

How Does an Article Spinner Work?

If that sounded confusing, let me show you how I would use article spinning to make unique content for a sample paragraph below.

Tim Schmidt is an Internet Marketer who was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He had an early desire to work his own hours and be his own boss.  He enjoyed working on computers and was always hacking around in his parents basement on their AOL dial up connection.  All of this time spent hacking around helped him navigate the web very well, and he went on to work at one of the first ever search engine marketing companies in the world based in sunny South Florida.  

Using this paragraph as an example, I’ll walk you through how an article spinner works.

First, you go in and look for any words that have obvious synonyms OR loosely related words. When you do this, you can change the sentence so it’s not one you’d already see in search engine results.  This is done by adding a { } around the words and adding | to separate the words and allow the article spinner to choose one and rotate these words in subsequent articles.

Check out the example below:

Tim Schmidt is an Internet {Marketer|Advertising Exec|Worker)} who was born in {Sioux Falls, South Dakota|the Midwest|the USA|}.  He had an early {desire|wish|dream|goal|} to work his own hours and {be his own boss|live life on his own terms|live freely|have freedom to do what he wanted}.  He enjoyed {working|hacking around|playing} on computers and was always hacking around in his parents {basement|house|dwelling} on their AOL dial up connection.  All of this time spent hacking around {helped|assisted|educated|boosted} him navigate the web very well, and he went on to work at one of the {first ever|early|beginning} search engine marketing companies in the world based in {sunny|gorgeous|beautiful|beach-plentiful} South Florida.  

I could have inserted even more words and attacked more areas in that paragraph to go for ultimate uniqueness, but you get the main idea.

As you can suspect by putting together some of the words that would be used with the subsequent sentences, there is a whole lot that could go wrong here!

Sometimes the end content is so “spun” that it’s difficult to read and doesn’t make any sense.  While the top content spinners are able to give a better result, any human eye correctly schooled in grammar will be able to spot this right away.  Further, plagiarism detectors typically pick up the less than stellar piece of work that offers little value to the reader.

What is Spintax?

Spintax is the parenthetical edits that you’ll see when you complete your article, just like in the short example I provided above.  Many of the more advanced content spinners will allow you to make edits to the Spintax prior to creating the revised text.  You’ll often find that you’ll get a higher quality article when you manually edit your spun content as it takes out a lot of sentences that look entirely foreign.  However, this is a very long, drawn out process, so unless you have a highly skilled English language outsourcer that can do this for you, it’s not really worth all the effort.

Is Article Spinning Legal?

Great news, yes, article spinning is legal.  The Internet Police will not arrest you for doing so!  However, make sure you aren’t plagiarizing someone else’s work.

Is Article Spinning Good for SEO?

Article spinning can be good for SEO if done properly and used on private blog network sites that link to your site or your sites backlinks.  However, it’s a dangerous game and I highly advise against it.  I haven’t used spun content in any form since about 2011.

Can Google Detect Spun Content?

Yes, especially if the majority of your site is created using spun content.

What is the Best Article Spinner?

After reading all of that above about using spun content and you STILL want to give article spinning a shot in your SEO efforts, I’m not going to hold back and give you some recommendations of products I have used in the past.  Here is my list of the best article spinners along with some notes on each.

1. The Best Spinner 4.0

Using an artificial intelligence tool for article spinning couldn’t be easier with The Best Spinner 4.0 For computer generated content that’s created with one click, you’ll be amazed by readable the finished results are. This spinner creates an end result that reads authentically, as if a human wrote it.

Simply copy and paste your article of choice into the spinner’s editor feature and click the button. The entire piece will be spun into new content in mere seconds, resulting in unique web content that you can use immediately.

The Best Spinner Product Details:

Multilingual Support

The Best Spinner 4.0 includes options for many languages, including, but not limited to: English, French, Italian and Spanish

Import Publishing

This article spinner allows you to easily import your finished content to a WordPress blog, or other site. With the touch of a button, the import publishing tool makes moving your content to another platform incredibly simple.

Fresh Content

Each finished piece of text will be unique in comparison to the original, making fresh content for your website easier than ever.

Plagiarism Free

Spun content created by this spinning tool will pass plagiarism checkers every time, for 100% unique content that Google will allow you to post anywhere online.

Package Prices

The Best Spinner 4 offers three different pricing tiers, with different advantages to each package. There is not currently a free trial option for this particular content spinner, but there is a money-back guarantee policy that lasts for the first 30 days of use, which amounts to the same thing, if you choose to cancel within those 30 days.

General – $67

The general plan, which costs $67 for a year of usage, offers all the basic essentials of a content spinner tool. One the $67 plan, you will get a year’s access to the most essential spinning tools, 30 audio conversion and translation credits per month (compatible or MAC’s, PC’s and Tablets,) complete seed content database usage and several other content spinning tool bonuses and features.

Advanced – $127

The advanced plan, priced at $127 for a year of usage, comes with everything you get in the general plan, but, rather than 30 credits, it includes 60 audio and translation credits. The $127 plan is The Best Spinner 4’s most popular package.

Professional – $247

The professional plan, priced at $247 for a year of usage, also comes with everything you in the general plan, but your credit bank, for audio and translation, will include 300 credits. This is the ideal plan for business professionals and organizations that turn around a large number of content spinning projects per year.

2. CleverSpinner Cheapest Content Spinning Software

This one may very well be the best content spinning tool out there, and you really can’t beat the price at only $9.90 a month. Artificial intelligence is taken to the next level with this tool, spinning content with advanced techniques. Your finished content from CleverSpinner might as well have been written by a human author.

Clever Spinner Product Details

Multilevel Rewriting

This tool can rewrite content by the word, phrase or sentence. Because of this advanced technology, CleverSpinner can create finished content that is far more human-like in the end result than that returned by many other content spinners.

Accurate Synonyms

This spinner tool presents grammar and language skills that are on par with those of a well educated English speaker. CleverSpinner’s advanced artificial intelligence returns accurate synonyms every time, whereas other content spinning tools are prone to occasional, or even regular, insertion of incorrect words due to poor synonym replacement.

User Friendly

Because this content spinning tool is entirely web-based, it doesn’t take up any storage space on your devices, and it is readily accessible everywhere. No need to bring a specific work device with you when you travel.

Fast and Efficient

The spinner works incredibly fast, and you can expect efficient results that are comparable to those from a human author. The program can be used in conjunction with API or to upload several text files a time.

Package Pricing

The CleverSpinner web-based software comes in one complete plan at only $9.90 a month, which is incredibly affordable for such a powerful content rewriting tool. Even better, this content spinner includes a three-day free trial. Mywplife subscribers can also take advantage of an 11% discount by using the following promotional code: CSP11.

3.SpinRewriter Best Rewriting Tool

SpinRewriter is a content spinning software tool that expertly uses ENL (English as a New Language) technology to create high-ranking search engine quality content. The tool is capable of spinning and re-spinning the same piece dozens of times, giving you the maximum benefit from one piece of content.

Spin Rewriter Product Details

Highly Unique Results

Comparing your finished spun piece to the original, you will notice how cleverly and expertly this program has worked to create 100% unique content.

Versatile Spinning

SpinRewriter is capable of spinning content from all different styles and tones of writing. Whatever the article, this tool can handle the rewriting process.

Photo Integration

Use the photo integration feature to place pictures, images and graphics appropriately throughout the text.

All Devices

The program is versatile and compatible with almost all electronic devices, so that you can use the spinner wherever you are, and with whatever device you’re working from.

Package Prices

There are three different price tiers for this spinner tool too. You can pay monthly, annually or choose a lifetime subscription. Occasionally, you can find a promotional offer on the annual package that saves you up to 60% of the original price.

A monthly package costs $47, an annual package costs $197 and a lifetime package costs $495.

4. Word AI – Leading Content Spinning Software

Using artificial intelligence, Word AI will take your content spinning to the next level. Not only does this program use AI to rewrite your content, but it will first read and interpret the words in order to create the best possible finished result. This content rewriter is known for finished content that is of comparable quality and readability to the original.

Product Details

Completely Unique

With plagiarism-free results every time, you can create spun content that search engines will always accept as completely unique.

Accurate Synonyms

The AI of this tool reads the content before spinning it in order to provide accurate synonyms in every case.

Concept Translation

The Word AI program is so intelligent that it can understand the concepts within the text. This makes for much more accurate rephrasing and readability in the finished spun piece.

Multiple Languages

Multilingual support is available with this article spinner, including languages such as English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Package Prices

You can subscribe to Word AI with a monthly or annual package. The annual package will save you a significant amount of money versus the monthly payment plan.

The monthly plan costs $49.95, and is billed once a month. The annual plan is $347. Both of these plans offer a free three-day trial period in which you can make full use of the software with a money-back guarantee.

5. SpinnerChief 6 – Bulk Article Rewriter & Spinning Software

Create dozens of unique finished articles from one piece of content with SpinnerChief 6. With readable, human-like results that will pass Google’s plagiarism filter every time, this content spinning tool uses AI technology to understand and paraphrase the content. It also uses The Natural Language Analysis for highly intelligent results you can’t get from just any spinning software.

Spinner Chief 6 Product Details

Desktop and Web

This content spinner offers both a desktop software package and a web-only alternative. Since the web version includes everything that you find on the desktop version, you’ll be able to use it wherever you travel and on any computer. Further, both versions can be purchased as one package.

Versatile Devivces

The web version of SpinnerChief 6 is compatible with Androids, Windows PC’s, iPads and MacBooks.

Grammar Correction

Not only will this spinner create unique content, it will correct grammatical errors found in the original text. This means that your finished content will be of an even higher quality than that of the text you provided originally.

Package Prices

Free Version

The free version of SpinnerChief 6 is a great place to start if you’re just beginning your content spinning journey. Try this version before you purchase a package, if you’ve never used a spinner tool before.

Elite Package

SpinnerChief 6 Elite is a lifetime membership plan, available at $175, and it includes full access to both the desktop and web versions of the software. This version includes all of the basics in the free version as well as some bonuses of other packages.

Ultimate Package

The Ultimate package is available at $92 annually, or a onetime fee of $271 for a lifetime subscription. This package allows you all of the basics and many bonus features.

Team Package

The Team package is available at $244 annually or a onetime fee of $547 for a lifetime subscription. This package includes everything that’s found in the Ultimate package plus group or team-specific advanced features. This version includes a team management feature and is designed to be used by multiple people on different devices.

6. Chimp Rewriter – Content Spinner Tool

The Chimp Rewriter content spinner tool offers AI technology and natural language processing features to create intelligent, readable finished results. Each sentence will be recreated, in completely new wording, within seconds, and the finished piece will read as if a human writer created it.

Chimp Rewriter Product Details

There are so many unique features of this software that make a great spinner choice for 100% unique and plagiarism-free results.

Advanced Technology

From N-spin’s permutation word selection tool to Anchor spin technology, Chimp Rewriter uses all of the best advanced technology in content spinning.

Extensive Languages

This particular content spinner is capable of spinning text from an extensive range of languages. Forget the basics, this one can handle Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. And, yes, of course it can also do the ones you’d think of automatically, like English, French, German and Spanish.

Seamless Integration

This program allows seamless integration of your spun content with everything from SEO tools to search engine rankers. The program is compatible with Kontent Machine, Ultimate Demon, GSA Search Engine Ranker and many others.

Package Prices

There are two different package tiers available with Chimp Rewriter, a monthly option and an annual one. Both of these plans also come with a money-back trial period of 14 days.

Monthly – $15

The monthly package includes 1500 of API requests and can be used on two different devices. This package also includes regular software updates at no extra cost.

Annually – $99

The annual package is simply a money-saving way to get all of the same features as the monthly package. For this package, you are billed once a year, and you get everything that’s included above.

7. Article Rewriter Tool By SmallSeoTools

If you’re looking for a free content spinner, this one is a great option. Automated software intelligently recreates the content for a completely unique finished result. It’s not going to be as high quality a result as that you’d get from one of the more advanced tools, but it’s certainly a price you can’t beat. This product is great for individual writers, bloggers and small-time content creators.

Article Rewriter Tool Product Details

For a no-cost spinner alternative, you’ll like the ease of use and finished results from this tool. They are of a surprisingly high quality for a free program and will pass plagiarism filters.

Tried and True

Thousands of users swear by this article rewriting tool. You can trust the reviews of their supportive fans.

Extensive Synonyms

With 700K new synonyms added on the latest update, this spinning software will turn out highly intuitive but unique results.

No Prerequisites

Unlike some free spinners, this tool does not require the use of Spintax for the content entry. You can use any readable content that you have and, with the click of a button, it will generate a rewritten text.

Package Pricing

The SmallSeoTools Article Rewriter Tool is a completely free software program that can be used by private individuals and businesses alike.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of highly effective and user friendly article spinning programs out there. With the aid of this overview, we hope that you are able to select the content spinner that is the best fit for you.