The Amazing Selling System Review Is It the Best Amazon FBA Course?

the Amazing Selling Machine Review.Welcome to the Amazing Selling Machine Review…

After 19 hours of a grueling marathon, I’ve finished this course. Then I found a note from my wife saying, “Happy Anniversary… since you were busy, I went with my girlfriends to a retreat… and I’m leaving my phone home”.

Oh boy, this will cost me a few dozens of roses. Anyways the course has been updated for this year, so it’s straight on edge today.


This course isn’t for everybody. It’s meant for those who want a piece of the 300 Billion pie (that’s with a B). Best of all, you sell physical products without the need of ever handling customers or packaging products.

This is what the Amazing Selling Machine is about on setting up a digital store selling physical products. Following the steps in this course, you can build a brand in the 7-figure range in yearly sales.

So let’s get this review started and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Amazing Selling Machine Course Review

Amazon is selling over 300 Billion worth of goods in a year. And now you have to opportunity to cut a slice of the pie. Best of all, you don’t have to ever touch your product. This means that you don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping products. All this is handled by Amazon.

The grunt work is done by Amazon, so you can focus on what matters, which is marketing. Matt and Jason run through the basics first. They will share with you how to pick the winner right off the gate. After that, you will find out how to find the very best manufacturers and negotiate the lowest prices.

Once this is done, you have to set up your Amazon store that it converts like crazy. Some secret ninja techniques help you sell more. I can’t reveal them because I’ve signed an NDA.

This is where most courses stop. You have invested in products you have set up your store and then crickets. There are no sales whatsoever. This can happen if you have the hottest product on the market.

Here comes the second part of the course. It will teach you how to market and drive traffic. When you master this section, you’re turning into an owner. This means that you will be working on the business no in it.

Best of all, this can be managed from everywhere around the globe. All you need is a laptop and internet. Once you have your winner, it’s time to scale. This is how you create a 7-figure brand.

What I love about the amazing selling machine is the community. No matter where you’re stuck, they will jump in and help you. These people are FBA veterans who know how Amazon ticks.

The truth is that you need to put in a bit of work initially. This part can’t be outsourced. After you have found the perfect product and they have become sellers, then you can even have a VA run the marketing for you.

At that point, you have created a recurring revenue stream without the need of your attention. By having a 7-figure business, you can live the life that you dreamed of for so long.

The amazing selling machine is one of the best digital marketing programs that you can go with today, this is why I’m recommending it.

What the Amazing Selling Machine Is and Who’s it for?

Amazing Selling MachineThe Amazing Selling Machine is, first and foremost, an educational course. But that isn’t all it is. In addition to the educational tools, the course also comes with important tools that you’ll use when tracking traffic and doing keyword research.

Everyone who invests in the course is given access to the online community. This includes robust and active forums with tons of members, plus the mentorship program. Mentors are more experienced individuals who have volunteered to walk newbies through the course and offer insight where they can.

The training program teaches you how to use Amazon to build your business. Amazon’s FBA program takes the hassle out of packaging and shipping inventory. Since everything is stored, picked, packaged, and shipped from the Amazon warehouse, your day is completely free to work on marketing and building your business.

You can create a fast-growing and profitable business without ever actually leaving your living room.

But the program isn’t cheap. It’s also made for beginners. If you have a marketing background, you might find that the program treads too much water that you’ve already covered. You also shouldn’t invest if you aren’t serious about your business, because you’ll need to be serious to get a good return-on-investment.

There is work involved in building and growing a business. This course won’t help circumvent that. You’ll still need to do all of the work. But the course walks you through exactly how to do every single step of the process. All you have to do is follow along.

Since you don’t have to intuit anything, this course is a way of making the Amazon marketplace accessible to anyone – even people with no prior business experience. And on top of the initial knowledge, you get a lifetime of support from the forums. Plus the tutorials are constantly updated with new information as the marketplace changes.

The course is made up of eight modules (not counting the Module 0 introduction). It teaches you how to select a product, choose a supplier, get approved by Amazon, create your online presence, launch your product, and run your business efficiently post-launch.

How the Amazon Selling Machine Course Is Set Up

The course is taught through video seminars by two men who have prior experience working with Amazon. It immediately gets into the important information, and not much technical lingo is used. When there are technical terms, they’re explained, so you can keep up even if you’re a beginner.

Each of the segments focuses on a different aspect on building a successful Amazon business. You’ll learn about selecting the right products to avoid competition, connecting with suppliers, ordering samples, increasing traffic, and growing the brand by adding more product lines as you expand.

The course is meant to be taken over a period of eight weeks. It includes 19 total hours of material.

Mike McClary and Rich Henderson are the creators and presenters of the course. They talk a lot about their respective paths to success on Amazon.

Rich was the original creator of the ASM course. He has been involved in online marketing for more than thirteen years, and his background is in affiliate marketing and SEO.

Mike became a successful student when taking the first ASM course. Since then, he’s helped to grow and develop newer versions of the course to keep up with the market’s ever-changing needs.

The Principle Behind the Course

There’s one vitally important principle when you’re creating an FBA business model to sell with Amazon. If you want to have a profitable business, the product you’re selling needs to be cheap to manufacture but high in demand.

It’s not enough to simply buy cheap items. How are you going to sell them? Who is going to buy them? These are vital questions that you need to answer when you’re setting up your business model. Even though your product may be cheap to manufacture, it needs to be valuable to the consumer.

The more valuable to the consumer, the higher the price. The higher the price, the higher the profit.

ASM is a course that explains how to find the right niche for your market. The course will take you through the process of selecting your niche, selecting your product, and selecting your supplier. Then it takes you through the process of branding and launching your business.

As soon as you’ve become satisfied with a product and manufacturer, you can order mass quantities of the product and store them in the Amazon warehouse.

Before you make manufacturing deals and order in bulk, you need to be an expert in your niche. You need to know exactly who your target audience is, why they want the product, and how much you’re making on each sale. You need to make sure you’re storing enough to keep up with demand, but not so much that you’re wasting money on warehouse space.

Many sellers do test runs of their products before ordering massive quantities in bulk. This is because bulk quantities can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, and if they don’t sell, that’s a huge chunk of change to lose.

ASM walks you through this entire process. If you have no prior experience with researching niches and products, you don’t have to worry. The step-by-step guides are perfect for beginners, including beginners who haven’t ever sold on Amazon before.

When your product is ordered, it’s shipped to the Amazon warehouse to be distributed and sold. As soon as your product is in the warehouse, Amazon will package and ship your orders for you. That takes a huge amount of work out of the process, allowing you to focus fully on the marketing aspect of things.

It might sound too good to be true. And that’s because in some ways, it is.

Like any other marketplace, the Amazon marketplace is full of heated competition. But unlike other marketplaces, sellers have to play a game with the search engine and keywords to stay relevant. The course includes keywording tools that allow you to do extremely fast research on which keywords you need for a listing.

Even though you don’t have to do the physical packaging and shipping yourself, FBA businesses are a lot of work. You have to handle the marketing aspect of things, making sure that your listings and landing pages are driving traffic. You also have to handle your website, social media presence, email lists, and any advertising campaigns you launch.

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Overiew

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) OveriewI tried ASM to see what the fuss was all about. I found that the course was not only informative, it was also packed with features and tools that made marketing a thousand times easier. The dashboard is easy to navigate, and even if you have trouble intuiting how to use it, the Module 0 guide takes you through every part of it.

With about nineteen total hours of video, you might be tempted to do the entire course in two or three days. It is technically possible to take in all of the information in this time frame. But the course is meant to span eight weeks for a reason.

With every week of the course, you go through a new step in setting up your business. Each of the steps takes about a week to get in order. By slowing down and doing one module per week, you’ll build your business and brand from the ground up. At the end of those eight weeks, you’ll have a business that’s launched and a plan to keep moving forward.

One module a week is also good because it allows you to take things in on a slower basis. You get a chance to really absorb them, which is essential if you’re a beginner. The pacing is such that you get a ton of information in each module, but it’s easy enough to follow that you never feel lost.

It’s the first course I’ve seen that can successfully take a beginner from idea to executed business. You don’t have to learn any complicated marketing jargon or pull any ninety-hour work weeks. But at the end of those eight weeks, you’re up and running.

Another thing I appreciated was the end-of-module coaching call. Every week, you can partake in a live coaching call in which Mike and Rich ask whether anyone has any questions. This is a good way to recap the module, find out what other people are asking, reinforce concepts, and pick up anything that you might have missed during the lessons.

I was also very impressed by the forum. It’s extremely active and has thousands of members, many of whom post at least once a week. Some of the members have been around for years and run multiple successful businesses, while others are just getting started. The forums are full of information and connections to be made, and you get a lifetime membership with the course purchase.

On that note, the mentorship program is also excellent. ASM mentors are members who have successfully completed the course and built a thriving business. Since then, they have been recruited by the ASM team to help teach newbies. If you have any questions about the course, or you need any guidance, an ASM mentor is always available.

Overall, this is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to get started on Amazon. Regardless of your educational background or previous business experience, the course will help you get your business up and running. The one thing I will say is that the course lacks a lot of advanced tools for people who are already familiar with the Amazon marketplace.

Amazing Selling System Graduates:

The forums and member community are two of the best parts of this investment. So is the mentorship program. But the reason all of those things exist is because of how many people have successfully used the course. Thousands of success stories abound.

More than 27,000 program members are enrolled across more than 120 countries. That alone tells you that there’s a lot of faith that this course works. You’ll find hundreds of stories and testimonials from individuals whose lives have been changed through using this program to launch a business.

Anica Kath is a hotel director who had to choose between her family and career after she had two children. She decided to leave the hotel business to stay with her family. While searching for ways to make money from home, she found ASM. Using the techniques in the course, she started a home business and now has a career and family.

She makes her own hours with her business and has a larger income than she thought was possible. And she can stay at home with her kids all day regardless.

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Denys Thomson was a police officer until the 90-hour weeks finally burned him out. He knew some acquaintances and friends who had already taken the ASM course. When he took ASM’s training, he quit his job and focused on his Amazon store.

Now Denys doesn’t have to deal with the daily grind anymore. Like Anica, he makes his own hours and profits from his business from the comfort of his own home.

These are just two stories. There are hundreds more…

What’s New in the Amazing Selling System V12?

Amazing Selling Machine was first founded in 2012. But the Amazon marketplace can change on a weekly basis, and so the course is also being constantly updated. Version 12 comes with several improvements over the previous iterations of the course.

The creators of the course continuously update the training materials with new information about the marketplace. They may also make corrections to information that is now outdated. You can also find information about important new changes on the forums, where people report any updates quickly.

The Amazing Selling System Promises:

The success promise is new to this version of ASM. It includes the aforementioned money-back guarantee and reimbursement of unsold inventory. You can get up to $7,500 reimbursed.

In addition, you’ll be shown how to create an “authority” site. This is a website that establishes you as an authority in your field, so people trust that they can buy your products. The website generates passive income through ad revenue, which can help you pay for your lifestyle or business upgrades. Or you can sell the site later.

  • You can join the digital nomads club by working anywhere from the world with just a laptop and an internet connection
  • This secret way will allow you to sell physical products without ever contacting the customer or pack and ship boxes
  • With the help of this course you put in the work now and live your dream tomorrow
  • It is fairly pricey – and it costs a lot less than getting a marketing degree without guarantees

Final Verdict on the Amazing Selling System Review

As you have seen this course has a lot to offer. And you are sure now that it’s not for everyone. You will need an investment to have your inventory. Once that’s done and you have a winner, then the only question that remains is how fast do you want to scale.

FBA business seems easy, and it’s filled with dangers. It’s easy to lose a ton of money. This is life and business. However, with the help of the Amazing selling machine, you can avoid the most common pitfalls.

The investment for the course is just a fraction that you could use if you go with the wrong advice. Matt and Jason did a phenomenal job of breaking things down to the basics.

Now I’ve heard that they will be closing down the course to avoid saturation. So get it now before they close the gates forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is amazing selling machine worth the money?

It’s true that this course requires a big investment. It’s well worth it because listening to a bad advice would cost you a lot more. Secondly the community is amazing and they can help you no matter what’s your sticking point.

Is amazing selling machine legitimate?

Yes the amazing selling machine is a legitimate course. It was created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. It’s a legit course on how to create and operate an FBA business.

How much does the amazing selling machine course cost?

The investment for this course is $4,997

Is the amazon FBA business a good idea?

The amazon FBA business model has been proven time and time again. It’s one of the few proven amazon course you can go with. It will get you started selling on amazon and it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

How do you do a perfect product launch (private label)?

In many amazon fba courses you get a walk-through on how to make the prefect product launch (or private label launch).