Re-Purposing a Domain Name that Dropped

Often times webmasters and business owners drop their domain names. This can be for a variety of reasons, but for whatever that reason may be, they become available for purchase on the after-market.  You can find some absolute gems out there if you know where to look.  Today I’m going to start the documentation process for a Website Rescue of a domain I bought for just shy of $2,000 that had very solid metrics and many powerful back links. Noteworthy links include Wikipedia and many other authority websites.

How to Re-Purpose a Domain

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide which angle you want to take with this domain name.  In this case, the domain had MUCH more traffic in years past.  It was purchased in January of 17 and very little content was put up on it initially.  However, after some time, more content was added and it appeared to index very well.  The thing was, I didn’t feed it with enough content that was relatable.  This was a domain being used to link out to other websites (commonly known as a PBN) to pass along some authority in hopes of getting it able to rank higher.  Links coming into your website are very, very important when it comes to getting search engine rankings in Google.

Case Study

In late July I noticed the uptick in traffic. While it wasn’t much, it had some solid page two rankings for some very difficult terms.  This was done with very basic SEO and time put into the site, and I saw this as a huge opportunity.  At this point in time, I eradicated most of the previously built pages and decided to theme this website and theme it for one generic niche.

When I did that, I started doing daily content updates with many thoughts on current events in the niche.  At the same time, I had evergreen pages written that were designed to one day make money through affiliate programs by recommending products.

I found that a couple of the letters in the domain name could be used a a play on words that would essentially help me transition into my topic of choice.

If you like case studies like this, make sure to follow along as I guide you through a website geared towards selling supplements, and also a website designed to compete in the art space.

Come back soon for more updates!

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