Health Website Rescue

In our latest Website Rescue, we’re looking to revive a health website first registered in 2003.

If you saw our last update, you know we’re also rescuing an affiliate marketing geared art website.  These projects are running simultaneously to test different recovery strategies.

Here are the current stats on the health project.  This officially boarded as a project in May of 2018, once we saw that the once penalized domain became healthy again.  A strong focus was on page SEO, and after that was shored up, we added over 100 pages of useful content, with proper photo optimization.  With enough content to show Google that we mean business, we then started an outreach campaign.  This campaign will grow during the Fall months of 2018.

Health Website Rescue Project – Stats as of July 31, 2018

Early Recovery

One of the major factors we dug into and fixed in June of 2018 was page speed and website theme.  The design was questionable, and the speed was horrific!  With page speed being very important to SEO, this was something we dove into immediately.  You can see by the graph above that this was a major catalyst towards growth, and with a healthy site and proper page speed, the sky is the limit.  Of course, once this site started getting a few links, the domain authority score rose sharply.

We’ll be updating this entry as time progresses, so please check back soon for more information on this website rescue!


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    August 1, 2018

    Looking forward to seeing how you make out with this project, Tim!

    • Tim Schmidt

      Tim Schmidt

      September 6, 2018

      Thanks Laurence, it’s showing a lot of promise after only one month!


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