7 Online Marketing Courses from Ivy League Universities

With the new learning initiatives being offered by the world’s top institutions, you do not need to be a college student to start learning things. All you need now is just an internet connection and the willingness to learn new things. And before you know it, you will find yourself signing up for courses from some of the world’s top institution and learning through them. The free digital marketing courses from these Ivy League Universities is just an example of this. There are literally hundreds of courses that you can take for free.

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These new initiatives are called MOOCs – Massive Online Open Courses.

Not only will these courses help you with your career, it will also give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

And it doesn’t matter if you are looking to sign up more clients, or you want to get a job as a digital marketing expert.

People will always want to work with someone who had graduated from a course by Harvard University, than some other shady course that they do not know about.

Before we get started, I would like to mention that we also included courses from other universities as well. That is because their courses were of the highest quality.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the meat of the discussion. Because I know that’s what you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Massive Online Open Course Reviews

  1. Online Marketing Strategies (Part of MicroMasters)

Online Marketing Strategies (Part of MicroMasters)

This course will take you 12 weeks to graduate from and about 8-10 hours per week of dedication. But it will be well worth it because here you will be learning everything from the basics all the way to the expert level.

From the basic marketing tools that you will need to get started, creating strategies that include market segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiation, pricing, distribution, social media, etc.

On top of all of that, you will also learn how to analyze an entire firm’s internet marketing strategy. This is an important skill that not many people possess.

So basically you will be learning everything that you will need to succeed in an online marketing environment for your company or your clients.

They do charge a $199 one-time fee for a verified certificate of the course that you can use in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile as well.

  1. Digital Strategy and Action (By Babson University)

Digital Strategy and Action (By Babson University)

Babson University loves to focus on the path that is laid down by the tech giants in the US like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc.

The focus of this course is to learn the digital marketing skills while also developing your entrepreneurial skills. And that is the reason why they start the course with helping you decide what problems that you would like to solve. And then going from there.

And it makes sense because once you know exactly what people want, you can create the right products to solve their issues.

But this course goes much deeper than that.

Here’s what you will be learning:

  • Raising capital for your business
  • Winning market share
  • Sustaining growth
  • Using prototypes to find the best market for your product

So, if you are looking for a course that gives you the path on which you can utilize the online marketing skills that you will be learning, this is the course that you should be going for.

They do charge a $49 fee for a Verified Certificate that you have taken this course, which is totally worth it.

  1. Digital Leadership (Boston University)

Digital Leadership (Boston University)

Offered by one of the most prestigious universities on the planet. In this course, you will learn how to position yourself in today’s digital economy so that you win.

You will be learning how to lead an entire organization in this ever-transforming economy while winning. Not only that, you will also be gaining hands-on experience as the professors teach you.

Here’s what you will be learning:

  • Different experimentation methods to drive your business through
  • Platform-based strategies for growth
  • Creating different strategies to spearhead your business in this economy
  • Team management strategies that are effective
  • Management and negotiation of digital projects

Think about the impact this course will make on your career.

At the time of writing this article, the average salary of a leadership position in the IT sector is $101,020.

Let’s just say that you will have a huge advantage over other people applying for the same position as you.

You can try out the course for free, but if you want to pursue this course and the other 5 courses that compliment each other, there is a $1,000 one-time fee that the university charges.

My suggestion, it is well worth the investment.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce (By Wharton University of Pennsylvania)

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce (By Wharton University of Pennsylvania)

Take a look at any successful business, and you will see that impeccable marketing was the primary reason why they are successful. Their products might be amazing, but it’s the marketing that brings the crowd to the stands.

Here’s what you will be learning in this course:

  • Leveraging the new business models on the internet, like e-commerce, etc. to increase your profits
  • How to be successful at social media and executing digital marketing strategies
  • Almost instant application of everything you learn about digital marketing and e-commerce in the course
  • Better ways to market yourself and your products to your audience

In essence, you will be learning the most important tools of the trade here to be successful in this era. You will also be learning a little bit about building your reputation, and how to seamlessly be able to bring customers from the online world to offline.

Unfortunately, this course is not free, but I feel like this is an investment that will bring you an ROI for your entire life. So it justifies the $585 USD price tag.

You be the judge.

  1. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques (Wharton University of Pennsylvania)

You might have probably heard that this is the golden age of advertising. And that’s mainly because businesses now have immense data about their customers. From their browsing practices, to what TV shows they like and which ones they are going to watch next week, these companies know almost everything.

And to handle all that data, you will need to take this course to learn how to do it.

This course will help you understand the different types of data that you receive during a marketing campaign. This includes highly valuable information, like the transactions done by customers, surveys, etc.

In this course, you will also learn how you should be handling critical issues when it comes to management of this data, development, and analytics. You will be learning how to derive this data and put it into a context that makes sense.

And based on that context you can create actionable strategies that will need to be executed for optimal results.

Again, this course is not free, it has a price tag of $585 USD.

  1. Marketing in a Digital World (Curtin University)

Marketing in a Digital World (Curtin University)

An insight into the job market shows that over the coming decades, marketing jobs are projected to grow faster compared to all other occupations out there. And that’s mainly because of the disruption caused by the internet and the opportunities presented.

And that is the reason why you will need to take this course. That is to equip yourself with the right knowledge at the right time so that people need you. And that they can take advantage of your knowledge at this time.

Not only that, you will also have a completely different type of learning experience. This will not be a lecture + taking notes session for 6 months.

It will be a highly interactive learning session that includes teachers and students engaging in problem-solving, analytical thinking, etc.

Here’s what you will be learning in this course:

  • How to manage and optimize paid, earned and owned digital media assets. And also managing an entire online brand.
  • Developing skills that are relevant to the corporate reputation management on a global public relations level.
  • Learning the best ways to examine the management decisions a brand makes in reference to the strategies being used to build brand equity.
  • Segmentation, targeting, positioning of the audience and then applying the different strategies that were created.

Basically, you will be learning everything you need to take a brand and run with it. And make it successful in this digital era.

It is free to try out the course but if you want to go for a Verified Certification and the entire course, there is a $795 USD price tag on it.

  1. Reputation Management in a Digital World (Curtin University)

Reputation Management in a Digital World (Curtin University)

Right from the start, this course will put you in a position where you have to think from the perspective of a communications manager of a company. You will be assigned a fictional company at the start of the course, and you have to make sure that the reputation of this company is always maintained and improved.

This means that you will be making decisions that only benefit the company’s reputation.

While being in the process of that, you will learn how important social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are for your brand.

Here’s what you will be learning:

  • Managing an organization’s online reputation
  • Following the reputational management principles taught in the course to swiftly manage online issues and crises
  • Building a strong loyal following toward your brand

This course is a crucial one because regardless of whether you plan on getting a job or starting a business, this is a skill that you will almost always need to keep handy.

Because at the end of the day, you will be dealing with the reputation of a brand. And you will need to know how to handle that reputation in a way that people remember that organization as one of a kind.

Not only that, you also want people to personally connect with your brand and not have any negative views toward it.

This course is free, but if you want a Verified Certificate, you will need to make a small payment of $99 USD for that.

How Will These Digital Marketing Courses Benefit You?

Great question.

As I mentioned at the start of the article, everyone always wants to work with the best guy possible for a particular job. And in today’s world, it’s all about qualification and proof of results.

Let’s assume that you have the proof of results, then if you take any one of these courses, it will only act as a diamond on your crown. Because that will make you the perfect package.

But what if you do not have the proof of results? And you only have the course certification?

Then how do you take advantage of that?

You basically start banking on the fact that you took the time to go through the course and make sure that you are top of the industry.

Not only that, you also made sure that you took the courses from some of the best universities in the world. Not everyone does that.

Basically, those two things will become your selling points at anything: a job or when signing up a client for your business.

Remember, at the end of the day, every person is looking for certainty. They want certainty that you will get the job done at the right time and bring in appropriate results.

So if you can help their certainty through a certificate or the proof of results, then that’s what is going to work.


We all would love to live in a world where everyone trusted everybody. But that’s not the case. You need to take these courses to prove that you are better than your competition.

Because it is all about having an advantage. It’s always the advantage that will take you to new heights. Not hard work or smart work. It’s having the advantage and proper resource management that will always lead you to the top.