Biaheza Review

Biaheza is a drop shipping course created by the teenage entrepreneur who goes by the same name. Fans of Biaheza, the person, might have no qualms about handing him $294 for Biaheza, the course. But other dropshipping hopefuls might wonder if it’s just another expensive waste of time or possibly even a scam. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the course and the guy behind the course to find out if Biaheza is worth your time or if you should be looking elsewhere for your dropshipping needs.

The Mind Behind the Course

Biaheza Review

Biaheza’s success began with social media fame. He creates YouTube videos that focus on making money online, covering topics like drop shipping and day trading. But you can thank Instagram for the sudden emergence of his dropshipping course. With his compelling camera presence and a knack at clickbaiting, the Biaheza Instagram account grew in popularity and soon the teen began to make money from it. People would pay him for Instagram shoutouts as a form of advertisement. He began to realize that the majority of those shoutouts were promoting other people’s drop shipping businesses, and this realization led to him developing an interest in joining the E-commerce scene.

He decided to give it a go and use his social media popularity to boost his drop shipping businesses. After a bit of E-commerce accomplishment, Biaheza decided to take it even further and create an entire online course meant to teach other people how to make money with their dropshipping businesses. One thing that people appreciate about this guy is that he doesn’t just boast about his successes. He also puts his failures out there for the world to see and this makes him seem more honest.  But what about the legitimacy of his course? Is Biaheza a scam?  Do hundreds of thousands of subscribers, a decent-sized fanbase that mostly originated from the Biaheza Instagram account, and his outward transparency mean that Biaheza is legit? We’ll get to that. First, let’s take a deeper look at Biaheza, the course.

What Claims Does Biaheza Make?

Biaheza states on his course’s official website that the system was created with a focus on dropshipping newcomers and people who have previously tried dropshipping but failed to create a successful business. He claims to “connect the dots” for you, showing you exactly what you need to do, and helping you get your first big break in the dropshipping business. He claims to reveal to you the methods he used to create his highest-earning dropshipping store and how to duplicate those results in new stores. He also alleges to show you some of the best-selling products he uses for his E-commerce store.

The course curriculum has an impressive list of what you get, including a step-by-step guide for creating a Shopify website, the software you can use to find great products to sell, a guide for creating an Instagram company page, his entire marketing strategy for an Instagram theme page, advise on using Facebook advertising, setting up your business’s customer support, and even dealing with taxes as an E-commerce business owner.  You get immediate access to all of this and more for just $294.  It seems like a good deal on the surface but when you take a closer look and browse through some alternative sources, you begin to realize that Biaheza offers the drop-shipping-course-equivalent of a high school essay. In other words, he delivers you a good amount of information that’s found easily on the internet for free.

A Look at Dropshipping


Dropshipping is a type of business where the seller doesn’t have to keep a stock of products to sell them. Instead, you would choose products to sell from a third-party supplier and list those products for sale through your own company. When a customer purchases the product from your website, you then place the order with the supplier and they’re the ones who ship the product to your customer. You never have to keep an inventory. You just keep up with your supplier’s inventory and only sell things that they have in stock. But drop shipping isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of time, marketing, and management to have a successful dropshipping business. It also isn’t easy. That’s why there’s an abundance of how-to videos and articles scattered across the web, teaching you for free many of the things that Biaheza teaches you for a couple hundred dollars.  But is Biaheza a scam? The answer is “no.”  But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth your time or money.

Biaheza Pros

Biaheza has a captivating online presence and he produces content that drives traffic. He’s knowledgeable about making money online and shows you his failure’s along with his successes. He has a simple and straightforward way of presenting information to you, leaving out all the fluff and unnecessary information. He tells you what you need to know about one topic and then promptly moves on to the next topic. If you don’t feel like doing the research yourself, then Biaheza can save you time. Whether or not it saves you enough time to be worth $294 is entirely up to you.

Biaheza Cons

While $294 is relatively affordable compared to the prices of other online courses that teach you about E-commerce, the Biaheza course is somewhat underdeveloped for the price. While people appreciate the straightforward approach to teaching that leaves out fillers, Biaheza is a skeletal version of what it could have been.  The course is short enough that there was plenty of room to squeeze in more helpful information. Instead, it was left at a basic level, teaching basic advice.  If you’re unhappy with the course or if you apply everything Biaheza teaches you and still don’t see any results with your dropshipping business, then you’re out $294 with no chance of a refund. There are no promises of satisfaction guaranteed.

An Alternative That Offers More

The course, eCom Elite, is the most popular choice among online dropshipping courses. It has been described as exceptionally comprehensive and affordable compared to other courses. It was created by Franklin Hatchett, a digital entrepreneur who understands how to utilize Search Engine Optimization, which is a valuable tool for E-commerce businesses. Franklin Hatchett uses a straightforward approach to teaching you how to create a successful dropshipping business, but he makes it fun and motivational. As you advance through the process of creating your business, you earn “badges” to keep you encouraged. Mr. Hatchett doesn’t just teach you how to create your online drop shipping business. He also shows you how to make it thrive.