2019 Rescue Projects

Just so you can follow along at home, I’ve got a few things I’m working on that I’ll share with you today.  I plan on checking in every 6 months on these projects to give you an idea of how I rescue websites and make them profitable.

Website Rescue Internal Projects for 2019

This first one was a domain that had a TON of authority, but it needed a reboot.  The owner had let it sit idle for many months, and had very limited content on the domain.

People, when you have a domain with a kick ass authority score, you add content until your fingers bleed or your writers quit!  That’s just the name of the game, because when you have an authority website, it needs to be fed content like a newborn baby needs breast milk!


It’s early, but adding 60 pages of well written, long form content has seemed to wake up this website.  It boasts some incredible rankings for some keywords that can lead to affiliate marketing sales, and it’s also showing up in some snippets!

This one reminds me of the health website rescue I did last year, but this one had much more authority and was downright abandoned.  This site was not cheap, but it’ll pay off dividends for years to come, as it’s already earning consistent monthly revenues.

Another project I decided to take on was a VERY powerful domain that was for sale.  The prior owners had no use for it, and perhaps they weren’t Internet Marketers, but being one, and seeing the potential, I decided to jump in with two feet.  I’m glad I did, because after a re-theming (read about re-purposing domains here) and proper angle inserted, this website started MOONING.

Info Site Recovery

Just look at that hockey stick graph!  That’s the exact thing you want to see when you start investing in a website on a monthly basis, a growth curve that rockets straight up, with no sign of stopping.  I’ll be looking forward to checking back in on this one after several more months of hard work, killer content, and precise backlinking.

Here are some of the incredible positions this site has already achieved in the short time (5 months) it’s been in our portfolio.

  • #1 (74,000 searches)
  • #3 (74,000 searches)
  • #4 (34,000 searches)
  • #3 (22,000 searches)
  • #11 (45,000 searches)

Those are all monthly search volumes, and the site is getting nearly 1,000 unique visits per day. If you need help re-purposing a domain, including a strategy and road map for success, please contact me.  There is no better way to launch a website than launching a website that already has power behind it.

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